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    Dear guests,

    bob官方网站_bob软件下载_bob棋牌安卓下载 is located in urban Chengdu, and is considered as a significant archeological discovery on ancient Shu culture. It is established on the original place for site museum especially for the protection and study of ancient Shu civilization. It covers an area of about 300,000 ㎡, which consists of excavation hall, exhibition hall, relic’s preservation center, culture exchange center, and landscape area etc., presenting us the unique ancient Shu Culture differing from the cultures of central plain of Yellow River and other world cultures as well. It has been opened to the public officially since April 16th, 2007. So far, more than 10 million people have visited the museum.

    The coverage of excavation hall is 7,588 ㎡. Up to now, the discovery of Jinsha is one of the completely preserved ancient sites with the longest history and richest burial artifacts. The exhibition hall covers an area of overall 16,200 ㎡ with five exhibition rooms respectively as Primitive Homeland, King Palace at a Glance, Immortal Heaven and Earth, Peak of Perfection, and Looking into Jinsha. Ten thousand pieces of treasures are exhibited in the museum, including 364 first-level national cultural relics, 311 second-level ones, and 319 third-level ones. In August 2005, the Sun and Immortal Bird pattern was selected as the emblem for Chinese Cultural Heritage. In December 2012, the pattern was selected as the logo of Chengdu city. In January 2009, bob官方网站_bob软件下载_bob棋牌安卓下载 was elected as National 4A level Scenic Spot; in November, the permanent exhibition Step into Jinsha won the Top Ten Excellent Exhibition Awards in 2007-2008. In October 2010, Jinsha Site was certified as the first batch of National Archeological Site Park. On behalf of typical history scenic spot, Jinsha Site has become an important place for the public to learn the history of Chengdu.

    This official website of bob官方网站_bob软件下载_bob棋牌安卓下载 extends its social function and serves as a great platform for us to contact with visitors through time and space. As a good supplement of museum entity, we will make full use of this platform to promote communication between museum and the visitors. Meanwhile, we sincerely invite netizens to come to our museum to physically experience the charm of its architecture that features simplicity and solemn, the wonderful exhibition that is equipped with the modern technology, as well as the interesting stories that our friendly guides tell. In short, we believe that you will have a good journey here that not only deepens your understanding of the intelligence of ancient ancestors, but also enrich your appreciation of the fascinating history of Chengdu.

    Yours sincerely,  

    Zhu Zhangyi

    President of Chengdu bob官方网站_bob软件下载_bob棋牌安卓下载