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    On Oct. 11, 2010, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage announced the list of national archaeological site parks of the first batch and projects initiated, of which, Jinsha Site and Sanxingdui Site of Sichuan Province were included. Reportedly, 12 projects had the honor to the title, including Yuanmingyuan and Zhoukoudian.

    Claimed by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, all applicants are initially evaluated, investigated and scored on site and discussed on experts’ meeting. According to the poll, 12 projects are approved as the first batch of national archaeological site parks, including the Yuanmingyuan Archaeological Site Park, and 23 projects are approved for initiation, of which, Jinyang Ancient City Archaeological Site Park is covered. Jinsha Site and Sanxingdui Site were approved as a national archaeological site park. Besides, no project was initiated in Sichuan. In December of last year, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage issued the Management Methods of National Archaeological Site Parks (Trial) for the purpose of protection, exhibition and utilization of archaeological sites, regulation of archaeological site park construction and management, and leveraging the role of cultural heritage protection in economic and social development. Afterward, all local governments followed the Methods for applying for “National Archaeological Site Park” to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.

    Reportedly, on Aug. 24 of this year, an experts’ evaluation group consisting of Institute of Archaeology, CASS and Architectural History Institute, CAG performed a site check and evaluation on bob官方网站_bob软件下载_bob棋牌安卓下载 for its application for National Archaeological Site Park. The evaluation began with archaeological studies, cultural relics protection and exhibitions, during which the preparation of bob官方网站_bob软件下载_bob棋牌安卓下载 for application for National Archaeological Site Park was fully affirmed. Experts were satisfied with the results, in particular, the special management mechanism that the upper authority of bob官方网站_bob软件下载_bob棋牌安卓下载, Chengdu Museum is an integration of archaeology, protection and exhibition. The innovation in system, mechanism and management mode of archaeological site park is worth being followed in China.