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    2019 The Night of Jinsha: a season of contemporary art performance

    Release Time:2019-08-02

    The event, known as “2019 The Night of Jinsha: A Season of Contemporary Art Performance”, kicks off on August 2nd, and ends on September 22nd. Jointly organized by the Sichuan Modern Dance Troupe and bob官方网站_bob软件下载_bob棋牌安卓下载. this cultural feast will stage modern dance to present the interactions between contemporary art and the historical space……

    Jinsha musical

    Release Time:2018-08-09

    IOriginIn 2001, the incredible discovery of Jinsha site, center of the ancient Shu kingdom, shocked the world. In August 2005, the Sun and Immortal Birds Gold Foil unearthed at this location was selected as the main image on the logo of Chinese cultural heritage. In a bid to revive the mysterious and magnificent culture of ancient times……

    Launching ceremony for Blood Sacrifice, latest book of science fiction writer Wang Jinkang held in Chengdu bob官方网站_bob软件下载_bob棋牌安卓下载

    Release Time:2018-08-09

    On the afternoon of October 25, 2012, Chengdu bob官方网站_bob软件下载_bob棋牌安卓下载 welcomed in the first new book publishing event, the launching ceremony forBlood Sacrificeand the seminar on Wang Jinkangs works. The historical science fiction novel Blood Sacrifice, jointly launched by Sichuan Literature and Art Publishing House……

    The Dreams of Jinsha

    Release Time:2018-08-09

    The Dreams of Jinsha is a 2010 animated film released in China. It was directed by Chen Deming and produced by Hangzhou CL Digital Production.The plot of this story revolves around the character of Xiao Long, who is whisked back over 3,000 years into the past and ends up in an ancient kingdom known as Jinsha.The film was shortlisted for the 2011 Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature. (Wikipedia)……

    The Golden Sun of Ancient People in Shu State

    Release Time:2018-05-26

    The Golden Sun ofAncient People in Shu State - Reminiscence of Sun and Immortal Bird Gold Foil Unearthed in Jinsha Village (Excerpt)Author: Wang RenxiangProfile: Research Fellow, historian and archaeologist at Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences……

    An Ode to the Sun and Immortal Birds

    Release Time:2017-10-12

    An Ode to the Sun and Immortal Birds (Excerpt)Author: Sun HuaIn early 2001, when the wheel of times heralded the new century, in Jinsha Village Ruins west of Chengdu. a large quantity of precious cultural relics during the Shang and Zhou period were discovered by accident……

    The collection of poems on cultural relics: The Tales of Jinsha

    Release Time:2018-05-26

    On International Museum Day on May 18, 2015, museums around the world will hold various public and commemorative activities to bring more people closer to museums. bob官方网站_bob软件下载_bob棋牌安卓下载 is also opening its doors today to the public free of charge, it also released a new collection of cultural relics poems……