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    Tinkling Treasures: Royal Ceremony and Court Life in the Qing Dynasty

    Exhibition Time: 2019-12-26

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    On the morning of December 26, the exhibition Tinkling Treasures: Royal Ceremony and Court Life in the Qing Dynasty organized by Chengdu Jiasha Site Museum and The Palace Museum was opened in bob官方网站_bob软件下载_bob棋牌安卓下载. With 123 sets (158 pieces) of gold and jade treasures used by royal in Qing Dynasty, which are collected by The Palace Museum, this exhibition tells the ceremonies and customs of the royal sacrifice, birthday congratulation, marriage and Spring Festival celebration in the palace of Qing Dynasty to represent the luxury and vivid palace life. It is learnt that the exhibition will last through April 5, 2020.

    Upon entering the exhibition hall, you seem to enter the palace where the luxury of gold and jades overwhelms you. The colors extracted from the palace walls, palace dresses and palace utensils, such as sapphire blue, red and purple, bright red and rose red, lay the thick and heavy dominant hues of the exhibition hall and also clearly divide it into four exhibition sectors including sacrifice, birth congratulation, marriage and Spring Festival as well.

    During this exhibition which is a cross-year exhibition of bob官方网站_bob软件下载_bob棋牌安卓下载, Jinsha will also hold the 2020 Chengdu Jinsha Sun Festival to make the audiences experience the peculiar Qing Dynasty Palace culture through the active-state display such as the festoon lanterns and the flower fair.

    Relics Appreciation

    Jade Bi Disk

    Jade Zhang Blade

    Seal of the Emperor_sqlquote_s Father

    Gilded Bronze Bell

    Jade Pendants

    Gold Cup and Plate

    Jade Round Casket

    Jade Water Utensil