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    Service for Tour Guide (location, process, and price)

    Rent for Audio Guide Device (location, process, and price)

    Tour Guide Service:

    Price List:

    1 – 5   Persons: Tour Guide is 100 Yuan per time in Mandarin Chinese, 150 Yuan per time in foreign languages.

    6 – 10  Persons: Tour Guide is 150 Yuan per time in Mandarin Chinese, 200 Yuan per time in foreign languages.

    11 – 15 Persons: Tour Guide is 200 Yuan per time in Mandarin Chinese, 250 Yuan per time in foreign languages.

    16 – 20 Persons: Tour Guide is 250 Yuan per time in Mandarin Chinese, 300 Yuan per time in foreign languages.

    21 – 30 Persons: Tour Guide is 300 Yuan per time in Mandarin Chinese, 350 Yuan per time in foreign languages.

    Location for Inviting a Tour Guide:

    South Entrance of bob官方网站_bob软件下载_bob棋牌安卓下载 (No.2 Jinsha Site Road): Service Counter of the Tourist Center

    East Entrance of bob官方网站_bob软件下载_bob棋牌安卓下载 (No.227, Qingyangdadao Road): Ticket Box


    Process for Inviting a Tour Guide:

    1. 1) Purchase guide ticket(s) at ticket box.

    2. 2) Show your guide ticket(s) at reception desk of the tourist center in the South Entrance or ticket-barrier in the East Entrance. Once you pay the deposit for the sound device, your guide and sound device will be arranged.

    3. 3) Visit with your tour guide for about 90 minutes.

    4. 4) Led by your tour guide, return the sound device and get your deposit back on the first floor underground of exhibition hall. 

    Self-service Audio Guide Device

    Notes to Rent

    1. 1) The self-service audio guide device offers seven languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, and Spanish.

    2. 2) The audio guiding includes contents about Ebony Forest, Monumental Sculpture of Sun and Immortal Bird Gold Ornament, Relics Hall, and Exhibition Hall.

    3. 3) The rent fare is 20 Yuan with 500 Yuan refundable deposit for each device.

    Rent Process

    1. 1) Please purchase the ticket for audio guide device at ticket office of the East or South Entrances.

    2. 2) Collect the device at ticket-barrier of East Entrance or tourist center of South Entrance.

    3. 3) Rent the device by rent fee, deposit fee and valid identity certificate. Our staff will give you a receipt as the certificate to get your deposit and identity certificate back. Please make sure that you keep the receipt safely.

    4. 4) After visiting, return your device and show your receipt to get back your deposit fee and identity certificate at the service counter on the underground floor of exhibition hall.

    5. 5) Please take care of the device, or you will pay for the full compensation for any damage or loss.


    1.    Where to buy a ticket:

    South Gate (No. 2, Jinsha Yizhi Road), East Gate (No. 227, Qingyang Avenue) and North Gate (No. 3, Jinbo Road) of Chengdu bob官方网站_bob软件下载_bob棋牌安卓下载 


    2.    Ticketing time:


    Summer time (May 1st to Oct 31th) 8:00-19:00

    Winter time (Nov 1st to Apr 30th) 8:00-17:30


    3.    Price:

    RMB 70/person

    Half price during the annual Jinsha Sun Festival

    Free of charge on 5.18 and 6.10


    4. Qualification for Discounts and Exemption on Ticket: 

    1. Half price is available for juveniles from the age of 6 (exclusive) to 18 (inclusive), and full-time students in universities or under with valid student IDs.

    2. Free entry validity:
    1) The retired, disabled, veterans, and seniors aged 60 or above.
    2) Active duty soldiers with valid identification.
    3) Police officers with valid identification.
    4) Family members of revolutionary martyrs, with valid credentials.
    5) Children aged 6 and under, or 1.3 meters and below in height, when accompanied by a guardian (the guardian is not granted free admission).
    6) Holders of the “Special Teacher Honorary Certificate” issued by the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Education.
    7) Students on group tours numbering 15 or above, when presenting a formal introduction letter from their school as well as valid identification, and having booked at the Visitor Center at the South Gate at least 7 working days in advance. Not valid during national holidays.
    3. 20% discount validity
    1) News media reporters holding press identification issued by the National Press and Publication Administration. Please contact the Department of Communication and Publicity in advance for reception.
    2) Teachers holding valid certification issued by an accredited educational institution.
    3) Groups of 10 or more when presenting an introduction letter issued by their organization shall receive a 10% discount.


    5. Annual Pass and Family Card

    1) When to apply

    You can apply for an annual pass or a family card on anyday from 8:00-19:00 (May 1st to Oct 31st) and 8:00-17:30 (Nov 1st to Apr 30th) except for on days when the museum is closed, the national holiday, and during the annual Jinsha Sun Festival.

    2) Where to apply

    South Gate (No. 2, Jinsha Yizhi Road)

    3) How to apply

    Those who want to apply for an annual pass should bring their citizenship IDs. After applying, they can enter the museum by swiping their IDs.

    A family card is available for parents with at most 2 children under the age of 14. Please bring the parents’ citizenship IDs and Hukous. After applying, parents can enter the museum with their children by swiping their ID cards.

    4) Special remainders

    Please note that these special passes aren’t available during the annual Jinsha Sun Festival. Oct 1st National Holiday, and night events.

    If you have more questions, please contact 028-87303555


    Online Booking

    Reservation for the Tour Guide Service

    1) The guided-tour reservation opens to tourist group over 20 people or the group who needs foreign language tour guiding. 

    2) Please make a reservation one day prior to your visit and contact phone number is +86 028 87303572.

    3) Please arrive the museum on time or 15 minutes ahead of time according to your reservation, and if not it will be cancelled automatically 15 minutes after the reserved time.

    Reservation for 4D Film

    Notes to Reservation:

    1) Group reservation opens to groups with at least 50 persons. Please wait in the queue to buy the film tickets if your group has less than 50 persons.

    2) Please make the reservation three days in advance to your visit.

    3) During the major festivals, tourists should purchase film ticket on spot.

    Contact Information: 

    Agent: Zhuo Yan 

    Contact Number: 87303572, 13551115011



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